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TrailsEnd Kennel started as a small recreational sled-dog kennel and has expanded into a way of life.  I first became interested in the sport after attending our local race, "The Mackinaw Mush", where I became enamored by the Siberian Husky and bought my first pup.  Little did we know how much our lives were about to change.  Before long we had added two more four-legged friends to our family and it just continued to snow-ball from there. 

If I had a computer at that time I may have been more prepared for what was in store.  Nobody has said it better than our friend at Sleddogcentral.com    This sport is truly an addiction and it's not just us, many of our friends have gone down the same road.  Please visit this page from Sleddogcentral to read about how it happens.


Once we were established on Trailsend Road, I began to dream of a career that would allow me to work at home so I could keep an eye on our growing brood.  Working away from home for 8-10 hours a day just wasn't fair to the dogs and it made us nervous to leave them unattended that long. 

I decided to research an area that I felt I knew alot about.  Pet Care.  Living in a tourist area with very limited boarding facilities, I knew I was onto something.  The wheels started turning and since I'm the convincing sort, I had the hubby on board in no time...Within a year I had my home-based career under way. 

We opened for business in January 2000.  After 20 years in business, I know that we've provided a much needed service to our area and I get to do what I know and love best.  I've learned a ton over the last 30 years with having multiple pets of our own so I hope you can leave your pet with us without worry.